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Service Resources

Life is an ever changing process.

We are in a period of the fastest growing aging population in history.  Coping with the changes that occur as individuals age can be difficult for that individual, as well as their family.  Everyone deserves to maintain dignity and independence as they age.  We will work with individual clients and/or their families to determine how the personal needs of the individual can best be met in order to maintain an independent lifestyle. 

The PICI Carbondale office will be a service resource providing clerical, administrative, financial, legal and social resources for individuals who, for whatever reason, choose to have the services provided for them.  The administrative duties that we will perform will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Bill paying
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial account reconciliation
  • Word processing services
  • Fax service
  • Estate settlement assistance
  • Medical bill reconciliation
  • Referrals to contract work (housekeeping, yard work, handyman work, etc.)

Many people of means enter retirement to enjoy their new found freedom.  If their time is spent doing administrative duties, such as record keeping and medical bill reconciliation, these tasks become more and more frustrating.  These individuals would look forward to an opportunity to allow someone else to take on the responsibility.  By developing a trusting relationship with a company at an early point in their retirement, they can also be assured that when the time comes that they can no longer mentally or physically perform the monthly tasks, they have already established the relationship and can expand on it.

Customers will enjoy the idea of not being bogged down by the daily and monthly requirement of the administrative duties.  In addition, they will have a resource to go to when they have a question regarding any of the services offered.

At this time, we can find no other source of this type of business available to people of financial means.  There seem to be a lot of helpful programs available to senior citizens who are in financial need.  However, our clients, financially independent individuals, do not seem to have an outlet that will provide the resources to meet their needs.

Contact Debbie Pittman for more information.




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